Domina Abundia

by The Contrarian



Domina Abundia is a five-song EP that represents a stylistic shift for The Contrarian, or at least a return to a more ambient and sparse sound. Melodies and hooks are still present, though the overall vibe is overcast. For fans of dark dub, downtempo and non-cheesy trip-hop (back when such things existed).


released March 15, 2015

Recorded in 2014 and 2015 at Sounds of the Baskervilles in Washington, DC. All songs composed, performed and engineered by Casey Rae.

© Sounds of the Baskervilles, 2015
℗ Lux Eterna Records, 2015


all rights reserved



The Contrarian Washington, D.C.

The Contrarian is the alter ego of Washington, DC-based musician/producer/writer Casey Rae.

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Track Name: Stars On Silver Strings
Tell myself that I’d follow you anywhere you should go
Make a vow that you’ll never have anything more to know

Come down hard and then escalate yet again we survive
Hold your tongue as the shattering vertebrae marks the time

It’s a need for something
Just outside your heart again

When you whisper softly

Everything must end
It’s your only warning
And your final serenade
When you whisper softly
Everything will fade
Everything will fade

Tell myself that I’d follow you anywhere you should go
Track Name: After Oath
Say the words with us
Feel them on your tongue
Changing from within
You forget where you’ve been

So many hours
And shooting stars

Fading dawn

Count down every second 

Can’t turn this off

Now your heart is hardened to the cause

Track Name: As it Comes
Hey young love
You’re shining everywhere
You’re tearing out your hair
The feelings came and went

Hey young love
You take it as it comes

Embracing everyone
Until the moment’s done

Hey young love
I meet you on the ledge
All your friends are there

All your friends are there

All I know

All I loved
Is gone

Hey young love
The silence overwhelms
You want it for yourself
You can’t be everything
Track Name: Electric Eden
A chance to find
Inside electric eden

And by design
You know it’s trouble

So take my hand

We enter to the circle

You feel alive

Wild and aware

This beating heart

A rhythm stutters slowly
I come apart

For you again

If we learn

The language of an empire

And whisper softly

Our secrets there

Flickers of a former self

All those dreams surround you

Rest beside the flower bed

Cannot live without them

All your tears have finally fell
Track Name: Your Reward
Arrive the moment when the grievances are made
A time to take account of every sorrow claimed
The common crying out for words to keep them safe
Before the desperation finally overtakes

Holding out for
Anyone to help them
Hearing only echoes
Night is falling

They say the fleeting life is someone else to blame
A shameless mockery by any other name
If there's a reason left to try to make a stand
Within this broken world that clings to their demands

Welcome your reward